Metro New York Registry

What is the Metropolitan New York Registry?

The Metropolitan New York Registry is a research program developed to collect information on families with multiple members who have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. This information is extremely valuable to researchers, enabling them to learn about genetic and environmental factors in the early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. With the help of thousands of families around the world—possibly yours as well—the registry is an informative resource for studies of breast and ovarian cancer.

The Registry is part of an international research project funded by the National Cancer Institute. Columbia University Medical Center is one of six local medical centers participating in the Metropolitan New York Registry.

Who is eligible to be in the Registry?

Members of families with a history of breast and/or ovarian cancer are eligible to be in the Registry. Families with the following health histories are encouraged to participate:

  • Two or more relatives with breast or ovarian cancer or
  • One or more relatives diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer at an early age, or bilateral breast cancer, or breast and ovarian cancer or
  • A close male relative with breast cancer

What is expected of me if I decide to participate in the Registry?

  • Discuss the Registry with members of your family and explain the importance of their participation
  • Provide a blood sample and a urine sample
  • Complete two questionnaires: one on personal health and family history, and the other on diet and exercise
  • Consent to release medical records, pathology reports, and samples if you have been diagnosed with cancer
  • Complete a brief follow-up questionnaire each year

What are the benefits of participating?

As a participant in the Registry, you will receive informative newsletters, and you will be invited to attend educational seminars. Referrals to Columbia University Medical Center's Women at Risk program, designed for women at high risk for the development of breast cancer, will be provided on request. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to important studies that may help in the understanding and prevention of cancer.

Will I be told the results of any research conducted using information I provide to the Registry?

Individual testing on biological specimens will not be conducted as part of the Registry, and, therefore, results of individual tests will not be provided to participants. If you desire results of individual genetic testing, referral for genetic counseling and genetic testing will be provided. Overall research and relevant clinical findings using Registry data and specimens will be available to you through the biannual newsletters and free educational programs offered to all Registry participants.

For more information on how to participate in the Registry, please call:

Regina Zimmerman
MPH Registry Coordinator
Cancer Genetics Program NY Area: 212.305.8386.
Toll-free: 800.557.8386