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Byron M. Thomashow, MD

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Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Disease Medicine
Lung Cancer
Cancer Care
Interstitial Lung Disease
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Fellow American College of Physicians
1991-2010 Fellow American College of Chest Physicians
2012 Best Doctors in New York -New York Magazine
1997-2010 The Best New York Metro Area Doctors-Castle, Connolly Guide
2001-2010 Best Doctors in America- Castle, Connolly Guide
1995-2009 Who's Who in the East -Marquis Publications
1996-2009 Who's Who in the World -Marquis Publications
1998-2009 Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare – Marquis Publications
1998-2010 Who's Who in America -Marquis Publications
2010 Who's Who in Science and Engineering – Marquis Publications
2008-2010 New York Super Doctors
2002 Alfred Markowitz Service Award Society of Practitioners CPMC
2003 Member Program Committee NIH National COPD Conference
2004 Columbia University Medical Center Medical Housestaff Teaching Award
“2005 Man of Good Conscience Award” National Society of Women Psychiatrists
2006 Co-Chair COPD Foundation National Conference-COPD and Primary Care
2006 Establishment of Byron M Thomashow Clinical Professorship of Medicine Columbia University
2007 Co-Chair COPD Foundation National Conference- COPD 2007
2008 Co-Chair COPD Foundation National Conference- COPD 2008- cosponsored by 1199 Continuing Education Institute
2010 Co-Chair COPD Foundation Lung Health 2010 Conference-cosponsored by 1199
12/2007On-line expert New York Times: COPD- One of Six Great Killers Series
2008-2009 Columbia University Ewig Clinical Scholar
2008 Co-Chairman COPD Foundation Fund Raiser
2009 Co-Chairman COPD Foundation Fund raiser
2009-2010 Co-Chairman NY COPD Coalition-NY COPD Summit
2011 Co-Chairman U.S. COPD Coalition National Meeting
2010 Co-Chairman NewYork Presbtyerian Annual Gala
2011 Member Planning Committee U.S. COPD Coalition National Meeting
2011 Co-Chairman COPD7USA Conference Washington, COPS 8 USA Chicago June 2013
2011 Honoree Alpha-1 Foundation
2011 Member Steering Committee COPDFoundation Biomarkers Consortium
2012 Member Steering Committee Drive4COPD
2013 Co-Chairman COPD8USA Conference Chicago
2013 Consultant to teh National Institute of Medicine
Member Doyen Medical
2013 Recipient ATS Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) Excellence Award
2013 Co-Chairman COPD Readmission Summit Chicago

Dr Byron Thomashow is a Clinical Professor of Medicine Columbia University Medical Center and an Attending Physician at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He serves as medical director of the Jo-Ann LeBuhn Center for Chest Disease on the Columbia campus. He was a member of the executive committee of the medical board of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital for most of the last 10 years and chaired the Quality Care Committee for the Society of Practitioners of the Columbia University Medical Center. He presently chairs the Respiratory Disease Council of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare Network and co-chairs the New York Presbyterian smoking cessation initiative. He helped found and is now chairman of the board of directors of the COPD Foundation. He is the co-chair for the NY State COPD Summit (June 2010) and co-chair of the COPD Coalition National Meeting. He was a member of the steering committee and the co-primary investigator at the Columbia site for the National Emphysema Treatment Trial and has been and remains actively involved in multiple national clinical research projects.

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