THRIVE: Thymira Indeterminate FNA Validation

THRIVE: Thymira Indeterminate FNA Validation: A Validation study to establish the specificity and sensitivity of Thymira diagnostic test for patients with Indeterminate FNAs versus the standard pathological examination

Thyroid cancer typically occurs in thyroid nodules, which are prevalent in approximately 30% of the general population. The cornerstone of thyroid-nodule evaluation is the fine needle aspiration biopsy that enables the assessment of cellular morphologic features that could not be identified by means of clinical assessment or imaging. Ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration has been shown to accurately classify 62 to 85% of thyroid nodules as benign, thereby avoiding diagnostic surgery. However, 15 to 30% of aspirations yield indeterminate cytologic findings. Molecular testing of these indeterminate cytologic findings provides a promising means of further risk stratification. This study is an industry sponsored study of a new molecular diagnostic test, Thymira, for determining malignancy risk in indeterminate nodules.

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United States