Lyn Goldsmith, MA, RN, BSN

Lyn Goldsmith, MA, RN, BSNLyn graduated from NYU with a BSN, and earned her MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University. She worked for many years as an ICU nurse and began her clinical research career at Rockefeller University, working as a research nurse, then a research nurse manager. She moved to Columbia University in 2004, and worked as a clinical research coordinator for three years at the Neurological Institute before finding her home in the Department of Surgery.

Lyn and her team worked for years pioneering an (almost) paperless clinical trial management system. They also developed a one page, combined consent and HIPAA form for simple registry studies and, with the CTSN, a Risks Table to simplify and shorten consent forms for complex surgical studies. Lyn spends her free time sea kayaking and recently fell in love with cross-country skiing.