Department of Surgery Prioritizes Access to Care

People unfamiliar with NYP/Columbia may have the impression that it is hard to get an appointment to see our specialists, but in fact the opposite is true. Throughout the Department of Surgery, one of our highest priorities is access to care. That means we provide appointments as quickly as possible so that our patients can receive the care they need fast, without having to wait weeks or months for evaluation or treatment.

At this time, a person who calls the Department of Surgery is usually able to secure an appointment within two weeks. With our team approach, we are often able to exceed expectations and offer appointments even earlier, sometimes in a matter of several days.

Our commitment to access to care may be best exemplified by the Division of Colorectal Surgery, which now offers same-day or next-day appointments whenever possible. According to Ravi P. Kiran, MD, Chief and Program Director of the Division, "We understand that symptoms of colorectal disease may be distressing and require immediate care. Same- or next-day appointments allow for prompt assessment and management of anorectal conditions, as well as various benign, inflammatory and cancerous diseases of the colon and rectum."

To make an appointment, please call: 1.855.CU.SURGE (855.287.8743).