Keep Calm and Carry On: "You're Doing It," says Mehmet Oz

An outstanding physician must possess numerous qualities and talents such as patience, compassion, honesty, respect, and confidence. This week's taxicab accident that severed the leg of a British tourist provided the opportunity for Dr. Mehmet Oz to demonstrate another often-underrated trait required for physicians to excel in their field.

To recap, Dr. Oz arrived at the scene of a horrific crash in New York City after the initial triage was underway. Several good samaritans were providing basic medical care to a severely injured woman. David Justino, the plumber identified in the media, was working on a tourniquet. Dr. Oz., with all his gravitas, could have inserted himself and taken control of the situation, but he did not.

Visit the New York Times article Cabby Had Violations Before Crash in Midtown to find out what Mr. Justino had to say about Dr. Oz and his calming effect on the day's events.