The Pancreas Center offers multiple and innovative surgical options for resection of pancreatic neoplasms. Our procedural experience leads to high success rates for our patients.

The specialists at The Pancreas Center are constantly innovating and improving surgical procedures for pancreatic cancer. They are able to customize pancreas surgery and preserve more healthy tissue, while still safely removing tumors.

The Pancreas Center team is also focused on identifying and treating precancerous lesions like IPMN. Due to the increasing number of patients seen each year, the team is adept at recognizing these precancerous conditions and delivering the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient.

Pancreas Center Surgery Team

John Chabot, MD
Program Director

James Lee, MD

Beth Schrope, MD, PhD

*By number of procedures per year except CUMC, which is cumulative 2000-2007. Source: New England Journal of Medicine, April 11, 2002, p1136