Pre OpPost Op"Two years ago on 8/22, I was sitting in the pre-op waiting area of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. My head was filled with thoughts of what life would be like if I didn't weigh 480 lbs. As Dr. Bessler came in to speak to me and my family, I knew in my heart it was the right decision. Many of us know all too well the silent death we die because we are treated like second class citizens, just because we are fat. The isolation, the depression that only causes us to eat more.

I have given myself two wonderful gifts in my life. The first was therapy, it gave me the ability to let go of all the self-doubt I felt, due to all the failures of losing weight and gaining it back. The surgery was easy, it was the emotional battle of war I had to get through to allow myself to be happy. The second gift was Dr. Bessler and the surgery.

I now weight 285 lbs and I work out at the gym 5 times a week, and it feels great. Instead of lying in bed with a bag of chips and dreaming of the life I always wanted, I am actually living it. My family and friends are so thrilled to see me actively participate and enjoy life. I have recommended the surgery to a lot of my friends and some have done it and others are in the process. I want people to have the same freedom and joy I am now experiencing.

Today I can say I am living the life I dreamed, and I am living a life I love. I can't even begin to express the difference and contribution Dr. Bessler and his staff has made in my life. He has given me the opportunity to take charge of my life and dare to live it to the fullest!

Thank You, Dr. Bessler, for your skilled mind, hands and your loving heart!"