Discharge Instructions

When you return home, you will typically feel tired for another week. Patients are encouraged to nap if needed, and to walk daily. Patients should eat your favorite foods in order to restore energy and build appetite. Patients should walk daily.

Energy levels will improve in a few weeks. Patients are usually able to drive short distances in about three weeks, but may do so when they feel mentally ready. Most patients return to work about four weeks after surgery.

Post-operative care is collaborative and includes the patient, cardiologist, and cardiothoracic surgeon, for the rest of the patient's life. The cardiologist will make decisions regarding medications that should be taken after surgery.

Hospital nursing staff will call patients after three days, but patients should call the hospital if any problems arise during recovery. They will see their cardiologist within two weeks, and your surgeon within a month. Follow-up EKG will be done at six weeks, and CT scan at six months after surgery. In most cases, patients return yearly after that point.

Patients can expect surgery to be fully successful and to be able to return to normal quality of life.