Researcher’s Profile

Elizabeth C. Verna, MD


Active research program with grant support for the study of hepatitis C in liver transplant recipients and will be actively involved in clinical trials forthe treatment of hepatitis C in both the transplant and non-transplant settings.

Verna EC, Ferrand E, Pichardo EM, Balducci A, Emond JC, Guarrera J, Brown RS. “Basiliximab
Induction and Delayed Calcineurin Inhibitor Initiation in Liver Transplant Recipients with Renal
Failure.” Transplantation, In press.
Lai JC, Verna EC, Brown RS, O-Leary J, Trotter J, Forman LM, Dunman J, Foster RG, Stravitz RT,
Terrault NA. “Hepatitis C Virus Infected Females are at a Higher Risk of Advanced Firbosis and

Dr. Elizabeth C. Verna manages patients with a variety of liver diseases. Her clinical interests focus on viral hepatitis and liver transplantation as well as the new emerging therapies for hepatitis C, liver cancer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic liver diseases. She also has expertise in the management of end stage liver disease and its complications.