Research Initiatives

Active Studies

  • Use of novel molecular markers in the assessment of malignant potential in clinically lower risk lesions
    • Retrospective review in small low risk lesions
    • Use of measurement of DNA quality/quantity/presence of K-ras mutations/LOH
  • Role of EUS based surveillance strategies
    • Retrospective review of 10 years of experience with EUS of pancreatic cystic lesions
    • IRB approved protocol to establish comprehensive database
    • Prospective database of EUS surveillance and cyst fluid bank
      • Use of genetic and epigenetic markers

Clinical Questions

  • Molecular diagnostic tools for indeterminate lesions
  • Molecular treatment of pancreatic cancer
  • Optimize stent strategy for neoadjuvant patients through quality of life and cost analysis
  • Improving cyst surveillance strategies
    • Impact of molecular medicine including (RedPATH)
    • Role of injectable therapeutics