Take Control of What Can Be Controlled

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can introduce a lot of chaos into a patient's life. Patients often find it easier to cope when they maintain some kind of control. One way to achieve this is by learning about the disease and staying abreast of treatment innovations. This will help a patient make smart decisions and recognize choices when they are available. Another is to ask for help from family and friends in maintaining as normal a routine as possible. 

Following all medical advice and staying organized is also a good way to maintain control. It is important that an individual keep track of any appointments, medications, expenses, or deadlines that may accompany the disease. Because the patient may be tired from medical treatments or feel overwhelmed, members of the patient's support network: family and friends, can help the patient stay organized. Supportive friends and family can drive patients to appointments, pick up pharmacy medicines, and help with day to day chores. By staying organized, asking for help, and getting rest, a patient can better focus on getting better and affecting the variables that he can influence. 

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