Pre OpPost Op"For those of you who do not know me, my name is Stephanie and I had WLS eight days after my 42nd birthday on March 5, 2001. My surgery was performed by both Drs. Fischer and Bessler, (yes it IS all about me).

I can't begin to tell you how much my life has changed for the better after having this surgery. I look in the mirror and can't believe the person I see before me!

I use to walk with a cane. I would just go to work and come home. You can't keep me in the house these days! I have met the most incredible group of people on the web site who have become my family. Their support during good and bad times during my journey, I believe, is one of the keys to my success. The love and support of my parents and brothers during my times of fear at the beginning of my journey helped me not to give up. They let me know they were behind me, yet they gave me just enough space that I could make this decision on my own. And for the first time in my life of battling my weight I KNOW I am going to make it!

I have found a friend in food; I now have learned to eat for nourishment not for stress. Instead, I shop! I have also learned to not fear the scale. I use to have such anxiety whenever it was time to get weighed in the past. And did you know that you could eliminate sugar from your diet and not turn to sand? All kidding aside, I am so grateful for the chance to get my life back! I now go to they gym three times a week, who would have thought I could do that!

My total weight loss to date is 253.5lbs!

Whenever I welcome a new member to the group I always write my current weight loss and these infamous words ... 
I endeavor to make that so!"