Testimonial: FL

"The first thing I want to say to all who are considering surgery for weight loss is: DIETS DON'T WORK! All my life I've been overweight. I've tried everything, every kind of diet you can imagine. I went to the gym and worked out, but my weight yo-yoed up and down. I could never keep it off. My local internist recommended I see Dr. Bessler for bypass surgery which was done in January of 1998. I was then 470 lbs. Fourteen months later I am down to 370 lbs. Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made.

I had a lot of problems related to my weight. I had sleep apnea, which is now totally resolved. My high blood pressure has come way down. I had pain in my legs and that has cleared up, and I now have more energy than I can ever remember.

In addition to the gastric bypass, Dr. Bessler removed my gallbladder because I had gallstones. I was up and walking around right after the surgery with little pain. I went back to work after two and a half weeks. I put myself on a sugar-free diet so I've had no problem with dumping. Once I ate a piece of beef that I hadn't cut up small enough and I had an uncomfortable feeling but that is the only food-related complication I've had.

The staff in the hospital couldn't have been nicer, and the nurses were terrific. I am thrilled I had it done and I would be happy to talk with anyone over the phone or by email who has any questions about having this surgery done."