Testimonial: LL

"I remember my first meeting with Dr. Bessler. It was August 4, 2000 and I looked like 9 months pregnant. Dr. Bessler described the procedure as he told me he could treat both my hiatal hernia and obesity. Before surgery, I weighed 264 pounds. 18 months after surgery, I was down to 170 pounds and am thrilled to buy size 10 clothes. I have had no stomach pain, no reflux, no heartburn since waking up from surgery.

My side business is making chocolates . I'll mold anything, but I was told that I cannot have sugar post-surgery. I haven't touched chocolate since the surgery. It doesn't even tempt me! But I walk around Manhattan on my lunch hour, and use a treadmill in bad weather. Socializing is not a problem. My favorite meal is pizza, and I have it once a week. I couldn't get up and down stairs before. Now I run up and down the subway steps. It's great!"