Testimonial: MC

"I had surgery last January and after only three months I have lost 46 pounds. I had been to see six surgeons before I met Dr. Bessler. All were so eager for me to have the surgery they didn't even ask me if I wanted it or not, they just started the scheduling process right away. This bothered me so a friend who works at Columbia University found Dr. Bessler's name for me. I am very happy I choose him as my surgeon. He is wonderful, answered all my questions completely, and did not push me into having the surgery. His staff and everyone at the hospital are all very helpful and nice.

I had high blood pressure and joint pain, which I don't anymore. I walk a mile a day. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have it done sooner. If I were to advise anyone thinking about the surgery, I'd tell them not to be scared and to be persistent in finding the right doctor. And in getting your insurance to pay for the surgery.

Patients who have had this surgery, like the ones quoted, are very enthusiastic about it. They are eager to spread the word and encourage others to have it too. All of them have volunteered to speak to anyone who is serious about having the surgery."