Complex Reoperative Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery

The Division of Colorectal Surgery offers solid experience with complex surgical procedures for complicated benign and malignant conditions. Our surgeons have expertise in reoperative surgery in the abdomen and pelvis for various indications.

Our division performs the full scope of colorectal surgical procedures, including:

  • ileoanal pouch creation
  • revisional pouch surgery
  • revision of the J pouch and continent ileostomy
  • repair of complex enterocutaneous and intestinal fistulae
  • management of locally advanced and recurrent colon and rectal cancer
  • Turnbull Cutait procedure
  • Salvage of ileoanal pouches (for patients who develop dysfunction after a previous ileoanal pouch procedure or when pouch failure occurs)
  • specialized perineal and abdominal techniques for pouch-perineal or pouch-vaginal fistulae, pouch sinus, pelvic sepsis related to the pouch, pouch and anastomotic strictures, Crohn's disease complicating the pouch, and pouch prolapse.