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Even with the Covid-19 situation, we’re still here to give you the care you need. Our team is ready to provide virtual visits for any issue, and we have all the necessary precautions to safely do in-person visits for situations requiring an examination. Read about the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic, and how they will help us give better, safer care than ever.

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Our Lung Transplant Team | Conditions & Treatments | Resources & Guides

The Center for Advanced Lung Disease and Transplantation at Columbia was created to give those in need access to the highest-quality care from the leaders in the field of advanced lung disease. What can our center offer you?

  • Experience: We have more transplant experience than other programs, better results than the national average, and access to all the resources of New York’s #1 hospital system. When other programs can’t handle the complexity of a case, they send them to us.
  • Innovation: We are constantly working on new advances to improve your care, including less-invasive surgeries, more effective medications to prevent rejection, and organ-preserving techniques that will allow us to offer even better results and treat more people in need.
  • Trust: if you need a lung transplant, you don’t just need doctors, you need people you can trust and rely on, who can answer your questions any time, and who can offer you support in any form you need it. We’re confident we can earn your trust with our commitment to respect, communication, and transparency.

Whether it’s an initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, or a second opinion, our center is here for you. Call (212) 305-7771 or fill out our online form to get started today. We are located on the campus of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan (see Maps & Directions »)

Conditions & Treatments We Cover

We have experience dealing with all forms of advanced lung disease, from the most common causes to most rare and complex. To help you feel informed about your condition and your options, we’ve put together educational guides covering several important topics in the world of advanced lung care.

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Our Lung Transplant Team

Our team is made of experts in a variety of areas, including surgery, medicine, physical therapy, social work and more, coming together to cover every aspect of your care. Call (212) 305-7771 or fill out our online form to meet our team and learn more.

Lung Transplant Pulmonologists

Selim Arcasoy, MD, MPH | Medical Program Director

Luke J. Benvenuto, MD

Harpreet Grewal, MD

Gabriela Magda, MD 

Hilary Robbins, MD

Lori Shah, MD

Lung Transplant Surgery Team

Frank D'Ovidio, MD, PhD | Surgical Program Director

Joshua Sonett, MD

Bryan P. Stanifer, MD, MPH

Philippe LeMaitre, MD, PhD

Joseph Costa, PA-C, PhD | Lung transplant procurement team

Infectious Disease Team

Justin Aaron, MD
Benjamin Miko, MD
Marcus Pereira, MD

Lung Transplant Immunology

Elena-Rodica M Vasilescu, MD

Lung Transplant Coordinators

Genevieve Reilly, FNPC, DNP | Chief, Transplant Coordinator
Carlo Balthazar, RN, MSN
Maggie Carroll, PA, MPAS
Tamar Garner, RN, BSN
Jaime Hum, FNP-BC, DNP
Hanyoung P. Kim, RN, MSN | Senior Transplant Coordinator
Jennifer Moses, RN, BSN
Margaret R. Nolan, GPN-BC, ACHPN, DNP
Altagracia Taveras, RN, BSN

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Nicole Pieszchata, DPT, CCS
Kim Stavrolakes, MSPT, CCS

Transplant Social Workers

Melinda Greene, LCSW
Sasha Storaasli, LCSW

Nutritionist/Registered Dietician

Brenda Klein, CND, CDCES

Lung Transplant Financial Coordinator

Stemmiejoi C. Haynes, BA

Lung Transplant Pharmacist

Jenna Scheffert, PharmD, BCPS

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Resources & Guides

We’ve put together the following guides to help you and your family prepare for what to expect regarding follow-up visits, medications, and other lifestyle issues after receiving your lung transplant. Whether you still have questions or you’re ready to make an appointment, call us at (212) 305-7771 or fill out our online form for anything else you need.

For even more information and to meet others who have been through our program, learn about our Lung Transplant Patient Education Seminars.

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Center for Advanced Lung Disease and Lung Transplantation Program |
(212) 305-7771
NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center
Presbyterian Hospital Building,14th Floor
622 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Office | (212) 305-0483
Lung Failure Office | (212) 305-1158
Emergency transfers by referring physicians | 1-800-NYP-STAT

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