Researcher’s Profile

Kasi McCune, MD

McCune K. Nonadherence to Immunosuppressive Medication: New Insights. The Immunology Report; 10(1): 22-25. 2013.
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McCune K, Mehta R, Thorat M, Badve S, and Nakshatri H. Loss of ER· and FOXA1 expression in a progression model of luminal type breast cancer: Insights from PyMT transgenic mouse model. Oncology Reports; 24: 1233-1239. 2010.
Bergeson, T. R., Miller, R. J., & McCune, K. Mothers' speech to hearing-impaired infants and children with cochlear implants. Infancy; 10 (3), 221-240. 2006.

Kasi McCune, MD, is Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Kidney and Pancreas Surgery as of August 1, 2014. Her recruitment is intended to expand the pancreas transplant program as well as the living donor kidney program.

Her research interests include organ procurement and will include collaboration with the Organ Procurement Organization of New York. Dr. McCune’s training has included her medical degree and surgical residency at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, followed by abdominal transplant fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.