Pediatric Cardiac Nursing

Nurses in the cardiac surgery and cardiology programs at MSCHONY cover a broad scope of practice. Critical care nurses are at your child’s bedside from the operating room to the intensive care unit, providing compassionate care in this high-tech environment. While your child is in the Cardiac ICU, a senior nurse from the inpatient cardiology service will come to visit you as part of the inpatient cardiology floor nursing leadership “Transition Program.” The inception of this program is to allay family anxiety about leaving the critical care setting by meeting with the nursing floor leadership who will describe the amenities of the floor.

From the Cardiac ICU, your child and you will transition to the Tower 6th floor. You are welcome to visit these units prior to surgery by simply scheduling a visit with the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department.

Our in-patient cardiology service, located on the 6th floor of the CHONY Tower, is equipped with a refrigerator for each patient, a microwave, coffee maker, library, computer with Internet access. There is also a laundry room on 6 Tower. The Child Life Suite is also located on 6 Tower to maximize comfort, decrease anxiety, and promote positive growth and learning for your child as he or she adjusts to the hospitalization.

Nurses at MSCHONY understand that the ideal natural environment for a child is the home. Understanding that surgery and illness are a stressful experience in anyone’s life, especially a child’s, we create an inviting, child- and family-friendly, appropriately stimulating environment for kids. We work wholeheartedly to decrease the exposure to invasive testing and to promote pain control and distraction during these procedures.

The nurses working on the in-patient cardiology unit see all the patients every hour, so that all needs are identified as early as possible and plans for discharge home are identified in a timely fashion so that preparations may be made.

Furthermore, from the moment that you and your child are admitted to the ICU, nursing is working to facilitate a safe, timely, and streamlined discharge.