Our Programs & Services

Our team at the Columbia Thyroid Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of comfort and care to all of our partners in health.  Our world-leading approach includes the following highlights:

Pediatric Services at the Columbia Thyroid Center: We’ve gathered a team of pediatric specialists to address the specific needs of children dealing with thyroid conditions, as well as their families.

Thyroid Biopsy Clinic: We offer single-day ultrasound, biopsy and evaluation of thyroid nodules.

Interventional Endocrinology: Interventional endocrinology involves the use of minimally invasive procedures to treat conditions like thyroid nodules and lymph nodes with recurrent thyroid cancer. Run by Jennifer H. Kuo, MD MS, an endocrine surgeon with combined expertise in clinical thyroidology, surgical treatment of thyroid disorders, and interventional ultrasonographic skills, our program is one of the few in the nation offering these safe and innovative techniques. If you would like to see if you would be a good candidate for our program, please call us at (212) 305-6969.

Research and Clinical Trials: Our team is actively involved in researching the causes and treatments, as well as developing prevention programs, for all types of thyroid diseases.

Our Thyroid Center is one of three multi-disciplinary centers at Columbia dedicated to helping those with conditions of the endocrine system.  Our other centers include:

The Columbia Parathyroid Center

The Columbia Adrenal Center

Our center is the result of collaboration between the Division of Endocrine Medicine and the Section of Endocrine Surgery.