Giovanni Ferrari, PhD

Giovanni Ferrari, PhDGiovanni Ferrari, PhD, is Associate Professor of Surgical Sciences and Scientific Director of the Cardiothoracic Research Program at Columbia University. He has over 13 years experience in the field of cell biology and cardiovascular medicine. After his postdoctoral work at New York University he became faculty and group leader at University of Pennsylvania, first as Assistant, and later, as Associate Professor. At UPenn he launched the Penn Cardiac Bioregistry for the division of cardiovascular surgery. In 2017 he relocated his program to Columbia. Currently he is directing the Columbia Biobank for Translational Studies (CBTS), an applied human biobank and clinical database supporting translational and precision medicine initiatives. Dr. Ferrari maintains his role as principal investigator of the Penn Cardiac Bioregistry and Adjunct Associate Professor at UPenn.

Heart valve and vascular cell physiology, cardiac biomechanics, and the brain-heart axis are Dr. Ferrari’s main research interests. He has been awarded multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association for the study of heart valve diseases and vascular dysfunction. He serves on the NIH and AHA study sections as well as on the boards of other international agencies and scientific journals.


Giovanni Ferrari, PhD
Associate Professor
Columbia University Department of Surgery
Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery Research
Director, Columbia Biobank for Translational Science (CBTS)
Black Building – 650 W. 168th Street, 4th Floor Suite 4-443
New York, NY 10032
Office: (212) 305-8615
Mobile: (212) 991-8256