Banner: What to Know about Robotic Repair for Mitral Disease
Minimally-invasive surgery to repair the mitral valve has evolved a lot over the years. Dr. Arnar Geirsson shares how robotic surgery works and why it’s a great option for most people who need surgical intervention for mitral valve disease.
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Banner: For Many Breast Cancers, There Is No Advantage to Mastectomy
The groundbreaking I-SPY trials for neoadjuvant breast cancer treatment show there is no difference in recurrence rates between those who undergo mastectomy versus those who undergo lumpectomy. A surprising discovery for researchers and clinicians alike.
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What's New in the Department of Surgery

Ruth Leff Siegel Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 Ruth Leff Seigel Awards for pancreatic cancer research, Pat Gulhati, MD, PhD and Fay Kastrinos, MD.
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