Physician’s Profile

Ana Berlin, MD

Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Dr. Ana Berlin is a dually-trained general surgeon and palliative care physician who thrives on the diagnostic, therapeutic, and ethical dilemmas that so commonly accompany urgent, emergent, and high-stakes surgical problems. Her interest in prognostication, communication, and decision-making in the surgical setting has driven her to forge a unique path at the intersection of surgery and palliative care. Throughout her career, she has worked to promote the incorporation of ethics, professionalism, and palliative care into surgical education and practice. Her research on surgical outcomes, palliative care utilization, and communication in surgical decision making has helped define triggers to aid in the identification of vulnerable patients for whom early concurrent palliative care is most appropriate, and to guide the development and evaluation of tools that help patients, families, and surgeons navigate difficult treatment decisions and formulate goal-concordant care plans. Dr. Berlin’s interest in pursuing systems-based approaches to promoting cultural change and quality improvement in health care has shaped her efforts to develop curricular interventions and clinical pathways to help surgeons provide compassionate, patient-centered care that minimizes the hazards and maximizes the value of surgical treatment.


Hispanic Center of Excellence Faculty Scholar
Rutgers University – New Jersey Medical School
May 2015 - September 2018

Finalist, Jameson L Chassin, MD, FACS, Award for Professionalism in General Surgery
American College of Surgeons
December 2013

Best Short Communication – Excellence in Medical Education/GME Category
American Association of Medical Colleges Northeast Group on Educational Affairs
April 2013

Distinguished Service Award
Columbia University Department of Surgery
June 2012

Kamangar Ethics Award
American College of Surgeons and Washington University in Saint Louis
December 2010

Mrs. David A. Dreiling Surgery Prize
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
May 2007

Mount Sinai Class of 2007 Service Award
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
May 2004

Research and Internship Grants from President Harold T. Shapiro’s Fund, The Round Table Fund, and the Department of Molecular Biology
Princeton University
May 1999

Irene Esposito Award for Leadership, Motivation, and Initiative
Isles, Inc. of Trenton, New Jersey
May 1997

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