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Cary B. Aarons, MD

Vice Chair of Education, Department of Surgery
Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program
Interim Chief, Division of Colorectal Surgery


Anorectal Disorder
Colon Cancer
Colon and Rectal Surgery
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Rectal Cancer


Cary B. Aarons is a Professor of Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center and interim chief of the Division of Colorectal Surgery. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC. He then completed his general surgery training at Boston University Medical Center followed by his colorectal surgery fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has an interest in the management of the full spectrum of benign and malignant colorectal diseases including anorectal conditions, pelvic floor disorders, diverticulitis, colon and rectal cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease using minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Dr. Aarons is currently the Program Director for the General Surgery Residency Program and the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Surgery. He has been involved in medical education in various capacities, both regionally and nationally, and received a master's degree in Medical Education from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.


2022 Department of Surgery Teaching Award of Distinction (UME)

2022 Department of Surgery Cary B. Aarons Advocacy Award

2019 Keynote Speaker Penn Med Student Clinician's Ceremony, Gold Humanism Honor Society

2018 Penn Medicine Minority Hall of Fame Inductee

2002 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

2002 LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D. Surgical Award

2001 Patrick E. Gorman Scholarship

2000-2001 Howard University College of Medicine Trustee Scholarship

2000 Mitchell-Kiernan Surgical Fellowship Award, Howard University College of Medicine

1996 Scientific American College Scholarship

1995 Hundred Year Association College Scholarship

1994-1998 Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Science College Scholarship


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