Cardiovascular Webinars

The NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Cardiovascular Institute (CCVI) is moving into a new phase of clinical and academic leadership. With recent new international expertise in the Valve Center and reorganization of the heart failure and cardiomyopathy programs, we have launched a new program targeting issues around clinical advancements and challenges in cardiovascular disease management. The spectrum of these clinical presentations extends from ischemic and structural heart disease including valvular disease, heart failure and all of its etiologies, central and peripheral arterial disease, and vascular medical issues.

GOALS: Clinicians around the globe struggle with the same dilemmas regarding cardiovascular diagnosis, interpretation, and acute and chronic management. Columbia Cardiovascular Institute is a source of information, knowledge and experience that will offer clinicians around the world the opportunity to tune-in on a monthly basis to a live webinar where Columbia experts and other KOLs will discuss the challenges, controversies, and successes of CV disease management as it unfolds in front of us, almost on a daily basis.

Archived Webcasts: