Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program

The goal of the Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program at Columbia University is to help educate the future leaders of endocrine surgery. We have a multidisciplinary, comprehensive program that allows Fellows to gain a thorough understanding of the work-up, operative management, and post-operative care of patients with endocrine surgical disorders. The Columbia University Endocrine Surgery Fellowship offers a high-volume of experience in thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pancreas surgery. Our annual case volume is as follows: thyroid (>350), parathyroid (>250), adrenal (>40), pancreas (>200), neck dissection (>20). The curriculum is structured to give the fellow graded independence as they progress through the year, functioning much like a junior attending whose responsibilities include managing the Multidisciplinary Thyroid Neoplasia Clinic, staffing operative cases, resident and student education, and clinical research. Clinical skills highlighted by the program are instruction and proficiency of ultrasound, fine needle thyroid biopsy, intra-operative laryngeal nerve monitoring, flexible laryngoscopy, minimally invasive techniques, local/regional anesthesia, as well as exposure to transabdominal and posterior retroperitoneal approaches to adrenalectomy. Our fellows also participate in our Endocrine Surgery Research Program conducting rigorous clinical outcomes studies in the field of Endocrine Surgery.

Fellowship Director

Jennifer Kuo, MD

Administrative Coordinator

Krystal Pantoja

Applications for the Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program are accepted through the annual match process sponsored by the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, https://www.endocrinesurgery.org/fellowships.