What to Expect After a Consultation

If your Endocrine Surgery Center surgeon recommends that you undergo an operation, a member of our staff will meet with you to discuss possible surgery dates and any required preoperative testing. To learn more about what preoperative testing involves, please read How to Prepare for an Operation on this website. At the end of your consultation, the team may recommend that you undergo further imaging studies or see another specialist. Our team will help you arrange appointments and schedule the necessary tests. We understand that you may want to obtain other opinions before deciding on what course of action is best for you. If, after your consultation with an Endocrine Surgery Center surgeon, you need more time to consider your options before scheduling further treatment, we encourage you to take that time. You can call the Endocrine Surgery Center (212-305-0444) or your surgeon's office) anytime after your consultation to schedule further treatment.


Call us at (212) 305-0444 or reach us through our online appointment form.