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Jennifer R. DeFazio, MD

Director, Bowel Management Program


Pediatric Surgery


Jennifer DeFazio, MD, is a board-certified pediatric surgeon. She treats a broad range of pediatric conditions and is especially interested in the surgical management of neonatal and congenital diseases, complex anorectal disorders, metabolic disease and Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS). She is also part of the Bowel Management Program.


**Surgical Infection Society 1st place oral presentation, 2014

American College of Surgeons Scholarship to attend Leadership conference, 2014

Academic Award for Surgery, 2013, 2016

*Surgical Infection Society 3rd place poster, Las Vegas, NV 2013

Four Varsity Letters in Women’s Gymnastics, 2001-2005

Academic All-American, 2002-2005

President’s Award for Gymnastics, 2001-2005

Tau Beta Pi, engineering honor society, 2005

Chi Alpha Sigma, National College Athlete Honor Society, 2005

Illinois Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Service and Leadership, 2005


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