Physician’s Profile

Joshua Weiner, MD


Blakemore Prize for graduating resident best body of research during the general surgery training program at New York Presbyterian-Columbia 2017

Second Prize in 24th Annual Columbia Surgery Research Competition, May 2015

Highest ranked grant in 2014-2015 Columbia Department of Surgery Startup Grant competition

First Prize in 23rd Annual Columbia Surgery Research Competition, May 2014

John Jones Fellowship 2013-2014: Awarded annually to the Columbia General Surgery Resident submitting the best research grant

Blakemore Award for best research abstract by a surgical resident at New York Presbyterian-Columbia 2012-2013

Connecticut Chapter of American College of Surgeons Prize 2010: awarded to graduating students for excellence in surgical sciences 

Association for Academic Surgery-Novartis Research Award 2010: awarded to senior medical student entering a surgical field who has done outstanding research during medical school

Cum laude, Yale School of Medicine 2010

Medical school research thesis chosen as one of top four theses in 2010, invited for podium presentation at 2010 Yale Student Research Day

Farr Prize for research, Yale School of Medicine, 2009

Magna Cum Laude (2003), Harvard College.
Thesis Title: “The Media is the Message: Media Coverage and Public Opinion in the 2000 Presidential Debates”.
Thesis Advisor: Barry Burden, Ph.D.

Authored fourth prize entry, 2003 “Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest” on behalf of former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman

Elected as one of three students to Harvard University Institute of Politics Executive Board 2001-2002

2002 Leverett House Nominee for David Aloian Memorial Scholarship recognizing “special contributions to the quality of life in the Houses and thoughtful leadership that makes the College an exciting place in which to live and study”

John Harvard Scholarship, 2000-2003

Greenville Fire Department “Rookie of the Year” Award, 1998


Joshua I. Weiner, MD, is a board-certified transplant surgeon and clinical researcher. He has particular interests in multi-visceral transplantation and transplant immunology. Dr. Weiner performs intestinal, kidney, and pancreas transplants and investigates transplant tolerance.

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