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Joshua I. Weiner, MD, is a board-certified transplant surgeon and clinical researcher. He has particular interests in multi-visceral transplantation and transplant immunology. Dr. Weiner performs intestinal, kidney, and pancreas transplants and investigates transplant tolerance.

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2019 Young Investigator Award, American Transplant Congress

2018 SPIRIT Award, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

2017 Blakemore Prize, Columbia University

2015 Second Prize in 24th Annual Columbia Surgery Research Competition

2014-2015 Highest ranked grant, Columbia Department of Surgery Startup Grant competition

2014 First Prize in 23rd Annual Columbia Surgery Research Competition

2013-2014 John Jones Fellowship, Columbia University Department of Surgery

2012-2013 Blakemore Award, New York Presbyterian-Columbia

2010 Connecticut Chapter of American College of Surgeons Prize

2010 Association for Academic Surgery-Novartis Research Award

2010 Cum laude, Yale University School of Medicine

2009 Farr Prize for Research, Yale University School of Medicine

2003 Magna cum laude, Harvard University

2000-2003 John Harvard Scholarship, Harvard University


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