Call Schedule

Frequency of call occasionally varies, but is usually every fourth day. The students on-call work with the night care team, covering the patients for all the teams. In addition, the students do post-op checks on patients who come out of the recovery room late in the day, plus work-ups and writing admission notes on any new patients. In this way, students are exposed to many conditions other than the specific ones commonly treated by their team. Additional tasks when on call include fever work-ups, blood draws, and IV insertions. Since these are usually performed on patients with difficult venous access, students have opportunities to practice with the less frequently used sites, with supervision. One night call is spent in the Emergency Department where the student may also have the opportunity of suturing lacerations and draining minor abscesses.

Each team is assigned a call room in: Harkness Pavilion 180 Ft. Washington Ave., 12th floor, room 1206, to use to sleep overnight.