Advances in Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

Helping those with late-stage emphysema

Since 1994, NYP/Columbia has been the leading center in the country for Lung Volume Reduction (LVR) surgery, an innovative approach to treating advanced emphysema.

“Our multidisciplinary team of radiologists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, specially trained nurses and physical therapists, is the most experienced in the U.S. in the removal of significantly damaged sections of the lung,” says Mark Ginsburg, MD, director of the LVR Program.

LVR allows the remaining portion of the lung to function more efficiently, making it easier for the patient to breathe. A ten-year report on LVR surgery performed at NYP/Columbia shows lasting benefits for select patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an advanced form of emphysema).

“Our patients’ one-year survival rate was 99%, and the three-year rate 97%,” reports Dr. Ginsburg, "with a greater than 40% improvement in lung function. As expected, patients were more comfortable and more active and reported major improvements in quality of life.”

Columbia is the only medical center in the tri-state area to be designated a National Center of Excellence for this advanced surgery.

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