Watch: Dr. Selim Arcasoy on Transplant Lists and the Pre-Transplant Process

Dr. Selim Arcasoy, medical director of our Lung Transplant Program, recently visited The Path Forward with Cystic Fibrosis podcast and its host, Jerry Cahill, to discuss lung transplants, the pre-transplant process and what happens once someone is on the lung transplant list.  

Watch the video to hear Dr. Arcasoy answer questions like:

  • When should a CF patient consider a lung transplant?
  • What is the transplant listing process?
  • What is the transplant evaluation process?
  • What are some testing and evaluation obstacles, both mental and psychosocial?
  • What is dual listing?
  • What happens when you are actively listed?




This video podcast was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Columbia University Medial Center and the Lung Transplant Project.