JJSS Welcomes Our 2017 Graduates


Peter Downey

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic
Institution: UCLA, CA

Christine Hsieh

Fellowship: Colorectal
Institution: USC/LA County

Subhash Krishnamoorthy

Fellowship: Critical Care
Institution: Columbia University

Kelly J. Lafaro

Fellowship: Surgical Oncology
Institution: City of Hope, CA

Julie Monteagudo

Fellowship: Pediatric Surgery
Brown University, RI

Joshua Weiner

Fellowship: Transplant
Institution: Georgetown, MD

Mauer Biscotti, III

San Antonio Military Medical Center as an Attending General Surgeon and ECMO Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Kyle Eudailey

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic

Robert Neely

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic

Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Graduates

John H. Bast

Practice: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, PA

Rose Fu

Practice: Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, Oakland, CA

Graduate Fellows

Priya Jadeja

Specialty: Breast Surgery

Mamonna T. Khokhar 

Specialty: Endocrine

Arunachalam Thenappan

Specialty: Pediatric

Vanessa Cowan

Specialty: Transplant

Minh-Tri J. Nguyen

Specialty: Transplant

Danielle Cafasso

Specialty: Vascular
Practice: Womack Army Medical Center, NC

Jordan R. Stearn

Specialty: Vascular
Practice: Assistant Professor of Surgery at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA