This is a series about what we know and what we don’t know. Paul Kurlansky, MD, associate director of the Center for Innovation and Outcomes Research at Columbia, tackles the important topics thoughtfully and without conjecture. He’s here to illuminate new research in a clear and concise (and distinctly Dr. Kurlansky) way.
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New Pathways for Pain Relief

We are pleased to present an interview with Dr. Nigel Bunnett in coordination with May 31, 2017 release of his landmark article in the current issue of Science Translational Medicine: Neurokinin 1 Receptor Signaling in Endosomes Mediates Sustained Nociception and is a Viable Therapeutic Target for Prolonged Pain Relief. This interview covers the origins of pain and itching, the widespread clinical problems associated with both, and an exploration of new pathway that may lead to class of palliative drugs that are both more effective, and without problematic side effects.
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