What We’re Reading: 01/19/24

Illustration by Jack Sachs for the New Yorker Article on Full Body MRI.
Illustration by Jack Sachs for the New Yorker Article on Full Body MRI.

A couple of highlights from around the web that made it into our feeds this week.

American doctor who worked in Gaza describes dire humanitarian crisis civilians there face

American doctor Seema Jilani returned from Gaza to share what’s happening on the ground in the warzone. The dire situation continues to worsen by the day as the health system collapses, famine looms, and military bombardment expands. Doctors no longer have access to anesthetics, and cannot treat pain or provide comfort. As Dr. Jilani and many other physicians have shared, the days and nights are a constant state of making impossible choices. Watch, listen, or read this interview. (From pbs.org)

It's respiratory virus season. Here's what to know about the winter 'tripledemic'

The post-holiday winter season has spared few during the surge of infections from three viruses: RSV, flu, and a new Covid variant responsible for 60 percent of the cases so far in January. This listen provides a good overview of vaccine statistics, relevant information on personal and community protection, and the state of our health systems during peak illness. (From npr.org)

Will a Full Body MRI Scan Help or Hurt You?

Some refer to it as “preventative care,” and it’s all the rage for the rich and famous. Now even influencers are taking part in the hype by documenting their experiences in the MRI machines. For a hefty price, you can identify any abnormalities that may show up in imaging toes to the skull. But how useful is this information to the majority of us? A great deep-dive into the process and what companies like this reveal about healthcare in America. (From newyorker.com)

CRISPR-edited pig liver from eGenesis passes first test in brain-dead human, researchers say

Doctors and researchers have been exploring how to use animal organs outside of human bodies to treat disease for years now. Using genetically-edited organs outside the body eliminates the issue of organ rejection. Recently, a man with kidney failure had his blood filtered through a pig's liver for three days and the liver remained healthy. (From statnews.com)

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