Mechanochemical Ablation: Clarivein™

One of the newest endovenous ablation technologies, ClariVein™ combines two approaches – mechanical destruction of the vein and a sclerosing agent – to treat bulging varicose veins and their underlying causes. ClariVein uses a special catheter with a rotating tip. It is two to three times thinner than the devices used in radiofrequency and laser ablation, and it requires just one tiny entry point in the skin. ClariVein is performed using a local anesthetic with ultrasound visualization of the veins. Procedures take less than 30 minutes.

Advantages of Clarivein include:

  • no tumescent anesthesia is required (anesthesia applied to the length of the vein, which is needed in other endovenous ablation procedures)
  • little or no discomfort during the procedure
  • no post-procedure bruising or pain