Single Port Surgery

Like laparoscopic surgery, single port surgery is performed with special instruments and a camera inserted into the abdominal cavity. The procedure takes place inside the closed abdomen with the surgeon viewing the operation on a video screen.

However, while laparoscopic surgery involves three small incisions, single port surgery requires only one, through the navel. The single incision is possible because of innovations involving instruments that are specially articulating, with the capability of bending, grasping, and suturing in multiple directions. Read more about the instruments used at the center.

Single port surgery provides a better cosmetic outcome than traditional minimally invasive procedures. Recovery time is similar to other abdominal minimal access operations.

The technique is used for gallbladder removal as well as the weight loss procedure sleeve gastrectomy for men—and also for women who prefer the option over the retro-uterine approach. We also offer our patients single port appendectomy.