Psychosocial Resources for Transplant Patients

As part of the comprehensive services provided at the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, we offer both educational and psychosocial support services. Our experience shows that patients and their loved ones benefit in many ways when they avail themselves of the Center's educational and support offerings and, therefore, all our patients and their families are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these various support services.

Our psychosocial team educates the patient and their support team about the entire transplant experience — waiting for organ availability, life before transplant, in-hospital recovery and rehabilitation, medications and follow-up care — and attends to any special needs the patient may have. This enables our patients to better cope with what can be a difficult and confusing time.

Our Educational Workshops and Support Groups are designed to provide patients and their support teams with the knowledge and coping skills required to prepare for the road ahead. Family members, and other caregivers to transplant patients, benefit from similar knowledge and gain support of others who share their roles of responsibility, by participating in our mutual support groups designed specifically for them.

After the transplant operation is completed, patients face a whole new set of challenges and goals. Our post-transplant patients are strongly encouraged to remain involved by coming to group meetings to share their experiences and receive support from peers.

Our quarterly newsletter, Liver Connection, contains articles addressing all aspects of life before and after liver transplantation. We encourage all of our patients to subscribe. Click here to sign up to receive an email when a new edition of Liver Connection is posted on our website.