Our Team


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Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery (Adult & Pediatrics)

Our liver transplant surgeons lead one of the most comprehensive liver transplant centers in the country.

Transplant Hepatology (Adult)

Columbia’s transplant hepatology experts work hand-in-hand with transplant surgeons to treat adult hepatobiliary conditions.

Pediatric Transplant Hepatology

Our pediatric transplant specialists are focused on advancing transplant and hepatobiliary care for kids and adolescents. 

Intestinal & Ex-Vivo Team (Adult & Pediatrics)

Columbia’s specialized team for both adult and pediatric patients is at the forefront of intestinal and ex-vivo transplant care.


Stories & Perspectives

Jackson was diagnosed with an ultra-rare liver cancer on his 15th birthday. After surgery with Dr. Kato, Jackson is looking towards the future - including studying medicine himself. Read Jackson’s story.