Intestinal & Multiorgan Transplant Program

Our Intestinal and Multiorgan Transplant Program has over two decades of experience helping those suffering from serious intestinal or abdominal conditions. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients and have been recognized for our numerous surgical advancements. Our program offers:

  • Comprehensive Services: We have specialists in pediatric surgery and transplantation, gastrointestinal medicine and nutrition, advanced practice nursing, social support services, and more. This range of services is only available at a world-leading hospital.
  • Extensive Experience: Our surgeons have performed hundreds of intestinal operations, including complex multivisceral transplants involving four or more organs. As leaders and innovators in the field, we are prepared to meet your needs.
  • Quality Care: We go beyond just your medical needs to make your experience with us as easy as possible. At every step, we communicate with you, answer your questions, and are available for advice and support. We are committed to your care.

No matter your needs, we can help you become healthy again. To get more information, meet our staff, or schedule an appointment, call us at (877) 548-3763 or fill out our online request form to get started.

Conditions We Cover

Intestinal and multiorgan transplantation surgery can be used to treat a variety of conditions. The most common are intestinal failure due to short bowel syndrome and liver failure associated with TPN (nutrition delivered via veins rather than the GI tract) . Others conditions include:

  • Blocked or obstructed intestines (atresia)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Desmoid tumor with intra-abdominal infiltration
  • End stage liver disease (cirrhosis)
  • Endocrine tumors
  • Gardner's syndrome
  • Gastroschisis
  • Hirschsprung's disease
  • Infiltrative diseases leading to intestinal failure (sarcoidosis or amyloidosis)
  • Megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome (MMIHS)
  • Mesenteric venous thrombosis or arterial thrombosis
  • Microvillus inclusion disease
  • Multiple resections and explorations
  • Necrotizing enterocolitis
  • Severe cholestasis induced by total parental nutrition (TPN-IC)
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Vascular abdominal trauma
  • Volvulus

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Treatments We Offer

There are several different types of intestinal and multiorgan transplantation procedures. Which one you receive will depend on the cause of your condition and any related complications.

  • Isolated Intestinal Transplant: Removes the diseased portion of the small intestine and replaces it with a healthy donor small intestine. This type of transplant is given to patients who have complications caused by intestinal failure, but do not have liver failure.
  • Multivisceral Transplant: Removes multiple diseased organs and replaces them with healthy donor organs. This type of transplant is given to patients who have multiple organ failure, including stomach, pancreas, liver, small intestine, and/or kidney failure.
  • Modified Multivisceral Transplant: Involves keeping your own liver while removing the remaining diseased organs and replacing them with healthy donor organs. This type of transplant is given to patients who do not have liver disease or failure, but do have organ failure of the stomach, pancreas, small intestine, and/or kidney. 
  • Ex Vivo Surgery: Removes as many as six abdominal organs in order to excise tumors that have grown around these organs and/or their blood vessels, and then reimplants these same organs back into the body.

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Our Team

We pair doctors across several fields with a team of nurses, care workers, and other medical specialists so that we can provide you with comprehensive care. 

Tomoaki Kato, MD
Chief, Division of Abdominal Organ Transplant

Mercedes Martinez, MD
Medical Director for the Intestinal Transplant Program

Joshua Weiner, MD
Transplant Surgeon 


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