The 2021 Blakemore Prize Winner

Yuliya Tipograf, MDThis year’s winner of the Blakemore Prize, is Dr. Yuliya Tipograf, a 2021 graduate of the General Surgery Residency Program at New York Presbyterian, Columbia University Irving Medical Center. She receives $1,000 in prize money, and her name is added to the Blakemore Plaque listing previous winners, hanging on the wall on 7 Garden South, in the Milstein Hospital Building.
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The Blakemore Prize is awarded annually for the best body of research performed by a graduating Chief General Resident during the training program. A research committee composed of current surgery faculty members, review submissions.

The Review Committee, congratulate Dr. Tipograf on her outstanding research achievements, and wish her continued success as a surgeon and research scientist. She is currently doing a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee.

Arthur H. Blakemore, MD

Dr. Arthur H. Blakemore joined the surgical faculty in 1936. He and Dr. Arthur B. Voorhees, Jr., were distinguished vascular surgeons in our department who described laboratory and clinical studies of vascular replacement using Vinyon N sail cloth in 1954. Blakemore was a surgical innovator also well known for the Blakemore tube, widely used in the past for the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices.
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Arthur Voorhees, MD

As a resident working in Blakemore's laboratory, Dr. Voorhees appreciated the importance of laboratory research by house staff and later established a fund to support the Blakemore Prizes and Awards. Dr. Roman Nowygrod a current faculty member and a vascular surgeon, has been a pivotal figure in maintaining the tradition of these research prizes.

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