The Ruth Leff Siegel Award for Excellence in Pancreatic Cancer Research: 2024 Call for Nominations

We are honored to announce a call for nominations for the 12th annual Ruth Leff Siegel Award for Excellence in Pancreatic Cancer Research. The Pancreas Center at Columbia University and The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center have been entrusted by the Siegel family to identify the investigator who has made the most impactful contribution to the understanding and/or treatment of pancreatic cancer over the past year. The work can be in any field of pancreatic cancer research including but not limited to basic biology, population biology, public health, and translational science. We are looking for an investigator who has a track record of high-quality work in this field, published a seminal paper in our field in 2023 and is anticipated to continue contributing to our understanding of pancreatic cancer for years to come. There are no geographic, employment or academic rank restrictions for candidacy. Last year, Dr. Pat Gulhati from MD Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey was the recipient of the $50,000 Ruth Leff Siegel Award. The recipient of the $25,000 award was Dr. Fay Kastrinos from Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

The selection committee will notify the successful nominee in the Fall. The awardees will be expected to accept the $50,000 and $25,000 cash prize and a brief speech at a ceremony attended by the family and friends of Ruth Siegel.

If you know of a candidate whom you believe meets the criteria described above, please complete the attached form, and return by mail or e-mail per the directions listed on or before August 1, 2024. We also welcome re-applicants from 2023. For any questions about this award or the nomination process please contact the Award Coordinator, Carla Rosario at 212.305.9468 or by email

The Ruth Leff Siegel Award Selection Committee

John Chabot, MD
Executive Director, The Pancreas Center

Robin Levin, MD MBA
President, Levin Strategic Consulting

Steven Libutti, MD
Director, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Timothy Wang, MD
Scientific Director, The Pancreas Center

Anil K. Rustgi, MD
Director, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center