Our Team

Pancreas Center Team

The Pancreas Center is led by a highly experienced team of physicians, nurses, researchers, social workers, and more. Each individual specialist works in close coordination with the rest of the team to make sure every patient receives full, comprehensive care.

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If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our specialists, you can request an appointment online or call us at (212) 305-9467.


Pancreas Surgery

Studies have shown that patients who undergo pancreas surgery at high-volume centers that performs more than 16 pancreas operations per year experience fewer complications and enjoy more successful outcomes. Our Pancreas Center performs nearly 200 pancreas operations per year.


Performing over 1,500 EUS and ERCP procedures each year, the Pancreas Center GI/Endoscopy team has developed a highly sophisticated procedural expertise.

Medical Oncology

Optimism is the driving force behind the Pancreas Center medical oncology team's view of patient care. Unwilling to approach pancreatic cancer with the hopelessness that often accompanies a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, our team administers chemotherapy pre-operatively, post-operatively, and for primary treatment.

Additional Specialists

Clinical Coordinators

  • Zoey Atabek, NP
  • Karen Chen, NP
  • Angela Cunningham, NP
  • Kaleigh Dumbach-Fusco, RN
  • Donald Garmon, NP
  • Gabriela Harrington, NP
  • Eileen Kay, RN
  • Maya Ginsburg, PA
  • Elizabeth Perrone, PA
  • Kristin Sheppard, PA



Clinical Trials and Non Interventional Research

Basic Science


  • Daysi Ferreras | Patient Coordinator
  • Rodelyn Zapanta | Administrative Director