The Story of Two Heart Transplants Told Through Art on Social Media

patient_gianna paniagua_heart_transplant

Gianna Paniagua took over our Twitter account to talk about her experiences getting a second heart transplant after 28 years with her first heart transplant as a toddler in 1992. She's a 29.5-year-old Cuban papercutting sculptor from New York City and is also currently a post-bac premed student at Columbia.

For Gianna, artmaking is like breathing. And there have been periods of time when her body couldn’t allow her to do it. Her journey, expressed through comics and sculpture, holds so much wisdom—as a patient, an artist, and a human navigating the world with medical issues most can’t see or understand.

In the two-day takeover, Gianna shared many insightful comics, papercutting sculptures, photos and videos from treatment and transplant, tips for patients as they navigate care, and some sage advice for healthcare providers and patients alike.


View the entire #GiannaTX thread here.


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