Patient Resources

NYP/Columbia University Medical Center's physicians are committed to ensuring that diagnoses of serious conditions are accurate and that patients receive thorough information so they may make fully informed choices. Our commitment includes making sure patients and their referring physicians are aware of all possible treatment options. The Second Opinion Program recognizes that a number of barriers may prevent patients or loved ones from seeking a second opinion. Many patients accept a recommendation to have surgery without fully understanding their options. Whether overwhelmed by an abundance of confusing medical information, unwilling to question their physician's advice, or simply too afraid to consider the implications of surgery, many patients never truly evaluate their surgical options. The Second Opinion Program aims to break down these barriers by helping patients to thoroughly gather information and carefully assess their options before surgery. The following handouts are provided in order to help patients with this process. They address many of the common concerns patients raise with our surgeons. Feel free to print these sheets, share them with your support network, and bring them with you to appointments.

Resource Sheets