"It's like I have new legs! I could not have asked for a better result." — Ron Gilmer, age 51

Ron Gilmer's leg problems began at age 8 or 9 after an accident. He recalls "I had gigantic veins since that fall." That event, combined with his family history of vein disease, left Ron in significant pain his entire life. During his adulthood he chose not to have traditional vein stripping done, however, because of the traumatic nature of that procedure

The day he heard a radio advertisement about a trial of Clarivein would become a turning point in Ron's life. He went in for an examination with his surgeon, who was conducting the Clarivein trial in the U.S. at the time, and was told he was a candidate for this minimally invasive procedure. Ron underwent the procedure first in one leg, and then several months later, in the other. The procedure involved very little pain, he said — just a tiny needle stick.

Two years later, Ron says, "It is fantastic! I have no pain, no swelling — it's the best my legs have felt since I was a kid. I could not have asked for a better result."