Project Work Flow and Intake Form

Step 1: Develop protocol

Develop project concept between the investigator and PI: at least one clear preliminary objective, likely data sources, availability of data, likely analysis required. Submit IRB.

Step 2: Contact CIOR

CIOR may be contacted by the investigator after preliminary protocol development (1-2 pages) or the protocol that has been approved by IRB or currently being submitted to IRB can be sent simultaneously to CIOR if researcher needs expertise regarding study feasibility from CIOR before IRB submission.

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Step 3:

Above request will be rapidly vetted by CIOR committee once or twice a week with recommendations of feasibility, request for more information, potential problems with completion, discussion of dead-lines expected returned to both investigator and PI.

Step 4:

PI and/ or research fellow will complete pages 1-4 of “Project Worksheet”, submit data to CIOR and meet with the CIOR team for a better understanding of project.  Investigator may be asked to provide data in a specific format.

Step 5:

CIOR staff / Mailman will be allocated to the specific project.