Request CIOR’s Services

The aim of CIOR is to foster research collaboration and to provide research and statistical expertise to all members of the Department of Surgery. We also encourage collaboration with other departments and institutions.

In order for us to be able to deliver expert and prompt research input and support, we request that you provide some preliminary details relating to the project. The initial request requires submission of the ‘project intake form,’ which members of CIOR will review to assess the feasibility, resources required, and ability to meet the expected deadline for the project. This decision will be made at a weekly meeting within CIOR, after which a member of our team will promptly respond. In some cases, our team may request further information before rendering its decision. 

The determination of CIOR for each project may be:  

  • Project proceeds to statistical analysis with the anticipation that the deadline requested by the investigator can be met
  • Particularly in the case of a tight time-line, there may be a request for justification of the intended dead-line. Even in such cases, the RCIOR will try its level best to deliver the needs of the investigator / division if this is feasible. However, the CIOR will request that future requests from the investigator / division need to be better planned so as to provide the CIOR adequate time.
  • Further information relating to the project may be requested in some cases where this is incomplete or inadequate and does not allow CIOR to adequately assess its ability to complete the request.
  • In some cases, a request may be made for the investigator or a representative to give a short (5-7 slide) presentation of background, research aims, details of data availability, analysis required, etc at the next CIOR meeting.
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