The Living Donor Advocate Team

The Living Donor Advocate Team is an independent team of specialists dedicated solely to the well being of the liver donor. This team educates potential donors about all aspects of the donation process including medical, financial, psychosocial, and more. The team acts as an advocate on the donor’s behalf to ensure that he or she makes informed decisions and fully understands his or her options at every stage, including the right to opt out at any time. The donor advocate team works with liver donors beginning at the evaluation process and continues through donation, the post-operative period, and discharge.

Members of the Living Donor Advocate Team include:

Jennica Kim
Living Donor Specialist

Dr. Benjamin Samstein
Surgical Director

Dr. Alyson Fox
Medical Director

Anne Lawler
Social Worker

Sonia Scott
Social Worker

Dr. Douglas Marratta
Internist/Independent Doctor

Stella Goudie
Transplant Coordinator

Lisa Lisanti
Physician Assistant

Jennifer Fojas
Financial Coordinator

Connecting with others who have been liver donors

In an effort to continually improve our education and emotional support to all who are participating in our Living Donor Program, we are happy to announce that many of our living Liver Donor “Graduates” are volunteering to share their experience with you. For a list of donors who have offered to speak with you about their experiences, please contact the team at the number below.

Contact: 212.305.9381